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HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION, the honorary title in the USSR between 1934— 91, the highest degree of distinction for a personal or collective heroic feat for the sake of the state and society. The title was assigned or deprived of by the USSR Presidium of the Armed Forces (between 1936–37 by the USSR Central Executive Committee). The hero was awarded the Order of Lenin (from July, 1936; between 1973—88, also if the title was reawarded), the Gold Star Medal (from August 1939; until October 1939, it was named Hero of the Soviet Union Medal) and a Diploma by the USSR Presidium of the Supreme Сouncil. Twice Hero was commemorated with a bronze bust on the terr. of his homeland, three times Hero in Moscow. The title of the H.o.t.S.U. was awarded to more than

12.7 thous. people, incl. 239 natives of the RB (ref. Annex).

Publication date: 20.05.2020
Last updated: 20.05.2020