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MAVLYUTOV, Ryfat Rakhmatullich

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MAVLYUTOV, Ryfat Rakhmatullich (20.3.1926, Derevnya Shlanlykul of Belebeyevsky Canton of the BASSR, now Derevnya Shlanlykulevo of Buzdyaksky Raion of the RB – 26.3.2000, Ufa), Process Engineer. Associate Member of the RAS (1991), Dr. of Engineering and Full Professor (1975). Merited Scientist and Engineer of RSFSR (1990) and BASSR (1972). Awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1971, 1981) and the Order of the Badge of Honour (1967, 1976). Brother of M.R.Mavlyutov. On graduation from the UAI (1949) worked there: in 1960–61 as Vice‑Rector for Research and Academic Affairs, in 1961–92 as Rector, at the same time in 1992–2000 Dir. of the Institute of Mechanics. His research activity is dedicated to the mechanics of deformable solids. The developments of M. are used in designing and calculation of engineering structures. The Academy of Sciences of the RB has established an award bearing his name.

Publication date: 07.08.2020
Last updated: 30.03.2021