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RABINOVICH, Mikhail Isakovich

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RABINOVICH, Mikhail Isakovich (b.23.8.1940 in Ufa), Stage Director. Merited Artist of the RF (1999) and BASSR (1988). Awarded with the Order of Peoples Friendship (2015). Graduated from the UAI (1967). After graduating from the Theatre School named after B.V.Shchukin (Moscow, 1976), he worked at the Dagestan Russian Drama Theatre (Makhachkala). Since 1983, he worked as a Stage Dir.; since 1985 – as the Chief Stage Dir.; since 1998 – as the Artistic Managing Dir. of the Russian Drama Theatre (Ufa).

The peculiarities of R.’s directing style are the utmost sincerity, lyricism, and romantic atmosphere of the play. At the Russian Drama Theatre, he staged the plays with typical colourfulness of the stage costume and utilization of the transformation technique.


Publication date: 05.10.2020
Last updated: 05.10.2020