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KHAZIYEV, Gadel‑Garei Zakirovich

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KHAZIYEV, Gadel‑Garei Zakirovich [15.5.1930, Derevnya Starokalmashevo of Belebeyevsky Canton of the BASSR (Chekmagushevsky Raion of the RB) – 12.2.2012, Ufa], Veterinarian. Merited Acad. of the AS RB (1995), Dr.Sci (Veterinary Science) (1982), Full Professor (1986). After graduating from the BAI (1953), he worked in Iglinsky Raion. Since 1960 (with an interval) at the Bashkir Research and Production Veterinary Laboratory. Since 1963 at the Bashkir Obl. Committee of the CPSU, since 1965 at the Bashkir Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture. Between 1982–2009 at BSAU. Scientific research is dedicated to epizootology, study of zoanthroponoses, species composition of helminthes, prevention and treatment of helminthiasis of birds, development and introduction of anthelminthic agents. Between 1998–2009 Chairman of the Bashkir Branch of All‑Russian Society of Helminthologists.

Publication date: 24.02.2021
Last updated: 24.02.2021