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ABDRAZAKOV, Ildar Amirovich

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ABDRAZAKOV, Ildar Amirovich (b.26.9. 1976, Ufa), Singer (bass). People’s (2011) and Merited (2000) Artist of the RB, People’s Artist of the RT (2013). Awarded with the Order People’s Friendship (2014). Graduated from USIA (2000). Since 1994, he worked as a Soloist of Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theatre, since 2000 –  as  a  Soloist  of the Mariinsky Theatre (St. Petersburg), simultaneously since 2015 – as Artistic Managing Dir. of the International Elena Obraztsova Music Academy. A world-famous singer. He possesses a beautiful strong voice of soft timbre and wide range, evenly sounding in all registers. His manner of performance is distinguished by bright artistry and emotionality. He sang at many theatres in Europe and in the USA. The organizer of Ildar Abdrazakov International Music Festival (2018).

Publication date: 26.02.2020
Last updated: 04.03.2021