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ABZELILOVSKY RAION, located in the E of the RB. Established on August 20, 1930. Abolished on February 1st, 1963, the territory was transferred to Baymaksky Raion. Newly established on January 13th, 1965. Territory – 4,289 km2. Adm. centre – Selo Askarovo, which is located 350 km SE of Ufa and 47 km SW of the Magnitogorsk Railway Station (Chelyabinsk Obl.). Population – 44.9 thous. people (2017). In 2018, the area of agricultural lands amounted to 205.7 thous. ha (48.0% of the total area), including arable lands – 76.7, hayfields – 52.0, pastures – 76.9; forest area – 162.8, surface waters – 7.2. Agricultural enterprises [15 OOOs, 3 APCs, 163 peasant (farmer) farms] specialize in the cultivation of grain crops, and dairy and meat cattle breeding. Horse breeding, sheep breeding, and poultry farming are well-developed. On the territory of the Raion, there are: Abzelilovsky Plants Testing Site, an elevator, Abzelilovskoye Forestry Enterprise, and OOO Abzelilles. There are: OOO Bashspetsmaterialy, Potentsial Nedr, Informtekhnika, Kommunalshchik, brick plant, MUP Abzelilspetskomobsluzhivaniye, etc. South-Ural is the Yuzhno-Uralskaya Railway (Beloretsk—Magnitogorsk and Magnitogorsk—Sibay sections). Highways: Magnitogorsk—Ira, Amanguildino—Baymak, and Askarovo—Davletovo—Magnitogorsk. Magnitogorsk International Airport is located on the territory of the Raion. There are: a vocational school, 62 general education schools, a gymnasium, an orphanage, 20 educational pre-school institutions, a school of arts, a children’s arts centre, Young Technicians’ Club, a youth sports school, the Yurga equestrian school, the Batyr fitness centre; a central hospital and 2 rural hospitals, 5 rural outpatient clinics, 59 medical and obstetrical centers, a hospice (Salavatovo), the Yakty-Kul and Jubilee health resorts; 72 clubs, 31 libraries, Abzelilovsky Museum, and the T.T.Kussimov Museum. There are 27 folk and 9 exemplary amateur art groups.

Publication date: 26.02.2020
Last updated: 02.06.2021