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The regional interactive encyclopedic portal «Bashkortostan»
Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan State autonomous institution of science of the Republic of Bashkortostan Bashkir encyclopedia


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ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE RB, is a state-financed, research institution. Located in Ufa, and established in 1991. The Academy has 6 departments: Social & Humanitarian Sciences and Technologies, Earth Sciences and Oil & Gas Technologies, Mathematics, Physics and Theoretical Engineering. Also, parts of the Academy are: Chemical Technologies and New Materials, Agroand Biotechnologies. In addition, Healthcare and Medical Sciences constitute the remaining departments. The AS RB supervises the activity of the Institute of Herbicides and Plant  Growth Regulators, the Eye Diseases Institute, the Institute for Strategic Studies, the Bashkir Encyclopaedia Scientific Institution. Also under its supervision and in cooperation with the RB Ministry of Industry and Innovation Policy, is the Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry Institute (2017). The AS RB coordinates potential areas of research in line with State requirements, and also provides scientific support for the development of the Republic and its multi-national population. The AS is the initiator of awards named in honour of N.A.Aitov, D.F.Varfolomeyev, G.V.Vakhrushev, S.A.Gavrilov, V.K. Girfanov, Zaki Validi (ref. A.A.Validov), K.P.Krause, G.Kh.Kudoyarov, R.G.Ku­zeyev, S.A.Kunakbayev, A.F.Leontyiev, R.R.Mavlyutov, S.R.Rafikov, M.I.Ta­kumbetov, G.N.Teregulov, K.R.Timer­gazin, A.A.Trofimuk and M.I.Umetbayev. The AS RB has introduced innovative, institutional and structural objectives relevant to the social and economic modernization of the region. It has also developed the main vectors of Regional Policy in the domains of Education and Culture, reconstructed the architectural image of the Old City “Ufa-II” (ref. Ancient Ufa), introduced the so-called “social passports” of rural settlements, i.e. thorough description of the social characteristics of the local population per settlement; carried out an analysis of the RB civil society development since the 2000s. The AS also participated in the development of the “Social and Economic Development Strategies of the RB up to 2030” project etc. The Academy publishes The Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the RB, Issues of Oriental Studies, Economy and Management: scientific and  practical  journal (jointly with the Academy of Civil Service and Management), The Ural Environmental Bulletin (jointly  with  the  Life Safety Research Institute of the RB).

Publication date: 27.02.2020
Last updated: 08.09.2022